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What is arbitration?

Arbitration is a method of resolving disputes, whereby the parties to a controversy waive their right to go to ordinary courts and entrust the resolution to one or more individuals: the arbitrators. The decision issued by the arbitrators is called an award.

What is the seat of arbitration?

The seat is the legal domicile of the arbitration and the place where the award is deemed to be made for legal purposes. Due to historical reasons, it is often expressed by reference to a city, such as “the seat of arbitration is New York” or “the arbitration will take place in Geneva.”

The seat determines fundamental aspects such as which arbitration law governs the proceedings, or which judicial authority is competent to support the arbitral process and, if necessary, to review or set aside the award.

The seat of arbitration is a purely legal concept, which should not be confused—nor should it necessarily coincide—with the place where the hearings, the arbitrators’ deliberations or other proceedings are held.

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