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Types of arbitration

There are many ways of classifying arbitration proceedings. The most common classification distinguishes between the following categories:


Commercial arbitration

Arbitration proceedings involving companies or individuals in connection with a commercial transaction

Investment arbitration

Arbitration proceedings between a sovereign State and a foreign investor, typically decided under international law

Arbitration in law

An arbitration in which the arbitrators must resolve the dispute by applying the law of a legal system

Arbitration in equity

An arbitration in which the arbitrators shall resolve dispute to the best of their knowledge and belief, without applying rules of law

Institutional arbitration

An arbitration conducted in accordance with the rules of an arbitration institution, which provides administrative support and ensures the proper conduct of the proceedings

Ad hoc arbitration

An arbitration that takes place without the intervention of an arbitration institution. The procedure is governed by the agreements reached by the parties and, in all other respects, by the applicable arbitration law

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